Violin lesson

Do you want to learn the violin with ease, adapted to your own needs and wants?

Are you interested in learning to make a beautiful sound on your instrument and develop a solid technique?
Do you feel the need to express yourself through music?

I believe I can help you achieve to:

  • make a beautiful sound that you like
  • play with ease (without strain or pain)
  • learn to relax body and the mind
  • develop your musicality
  • improvise
  • develop your hearing
  • play in tune
  • develop your technique

It is my goal to help you to make you more aware not only about violin playing, but also about your body which is the “first instrument” and your mind which has an important role in  the learning process. It is very important to me that the person I am teaching feels free and can learn the violin in a relaxed, yet committed way.

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or already advanced.
The teaching principles are flexible and applicable to everyone.

I am convinced that I can give you the tools to develop yourself as a violinist, musician and human being!

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