Music is a language. The instrument is like our voice.
What do we want to say and how?

As a teacher, I want to give you tools to learn the language of music and express yourself in your own way.

With individual learning goals at your personal pace, I would like to accompany you on this path. Making music should be fun and enjoyable, not exhausting. Learning the violin or viola with ease in a relaxed atmosphere is important to me.

During my studies at the mdw – University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna with Christian Altenburger and privately with Boris Kuschnir, I was able to explore the classical repertoire and build up a solid foundation as a violinist. Now, as an assistant to Professor Altenburger at the same university in Vienna, I help students improve their technique and prepare for auditions, competitions and concerts.

Moreover, as the frontman of the band Floris and the Flames, I have learnt to approach music in a different way, which is not just about playing the right notes with the right technique, but about a real form of communication with the audience and co-players.

What I teach, I also want to embody myself. That’s why it’s important to me to be active in concert life, both as a soloist and chamber musician, and with my cross-over group Floris and the Flames.

Touching and connecting people with music and through music, whether teaching or playing, is my calling!

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