Floris and the Flames

“What a brilliance, what a talent” – VRT NU, Belgian public broadcast, after the performance of Floris and the Flames in the television program De Ideale Wereld.

Floris and the Flames is an unique band with a broad musical taste and character.
These four artists and friends share in common their passion for music… and their hair color!
With their music, Floris & the Flames are crossing the boundaries between all genres of music: classical, popular, folk, jazz, fusion, world music… blended in a broad range of emotions. Their energetic performances never fail to set the audiences hearts on fire!🔥

The combination of violin, piano, guitar, bass guitar and drums together with their classically trained education makes their sound unique.

On one hand the music is composed for them by composer & arranger Laurent Beeckmans as well as by Floris himself.
On the other hand they arrange classical masterworks and other pieces in a unique Flames-version.

The band members Gert Peeten on guitar&piano, Dries Peeten on bass guitar, Simon Schrooten on drums, and bandleader Floris Willem on the violin, all come from the same Province in Belgium.

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